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Dear foreign visitors!

Welcome yours, on the website of the Hungarian largest privately owned lighting collection!

Yes, this is the really private museum, we are specializes in collecting, preserving and restoring lighting and electrical relics, for over two and a half decades.
Our collection mainly consists of thousands of lighting equipment. And besides, technical-industry books, industrial relics, and interesting objects and historical documents from the former “Eastern Bloc” socialist world.
And, in addition to collecting and preserving valuables, we also deal with the development of unique, special electronic equipment necessary for the operation of the museum. We also deal with telecommunication technology and power electronics, within the framework defined by the profile of our collection.

We are constantly expanding our collection to the best of our ability!

I would like introduce our work. I’m sorry, not with a words, rather in pictures, because of the many complex-specialitic terms that cause language difficulties. I suggest scrolling down to the bottom of the page when selecting a page from the top menu bar. Feel free ignore over the Hungarian text, and search the photo galleries! (Google Translate is not always trusted, because of many professional terms!)

We information for yours, that does not use cookies, and not does it use any other monitoring or tracking software. Have fun, be reading our website – we are not curiousity about yours “consumption habits”, we do not show ads, there are no pop-ups! It is important for us, to have your a good view of our museum, and we never be violate anyone’s privacy!

In order to facilitate your orientation on our website, we have also published in English important menu items . Also, the various lamp image galleries, we are also named in English!

We have tried to choose many, many photos so that they show well our value-preserving museum working!
If you have any questions, please contact us at our email address!(“Contact” button on the upper bar)
Please note, unfortunately that the museum is not yet open!

Very important!!! All lamps, lanterns, or other relics on this site, not for sale!

Thank you for your kind interest, and wish you a pleasant browsing!

Sincerely, The management of the “Fénymúzeum” – Museum of Electrical Lighting, and Industrial History, Hungary